Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zacky's night routine

Zackery has a nightly ritual now where he will snuggle and we listen to Easton's song at least 5 times. He will cry, I will cry, we stare at Easton's picture, and then we talk about fun things we miss about him. Zackery has such a soft hea...rt and his favorite memory is sharing his special blankets with Easton. That is as special as Easton sharing his binkies!!! Easton also loved to tease Zack and run off with his blankets in anticipation that Zackery would chase him around the house. I miss his laugh, smile, snuggles, and the putter patter of his feet running on the wood floors throughout the house. But Easton has left our home with a legacy of love. That boy knows how to love!!!

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