Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Never an imposition 7-17-13

Today was another really tough day for no particular reason or understanding of why. Some days are just harder than others. Yesterday my brother in law found Easton's binky in the slough where he had drowned. As the water level has continued to go down we have thought about possibly finding it. I know he had one when he went outside, and I wanted to find it and know where it was. So I am gratefu...l to have that. Also, today as I sorted produce I recognized how much "easier" it is without Easton unsorting or taking bites out of multiple apples in other people's baskets. Then I immediately wished I had him here to make those messes and distractions for me. I miss him so much. It was fun watching him enjoy all the fruit! Heavenly Father knew I was having a hard day. Not only did he send one person to visit, but he sent four! And I received two phone calls out of the ordinary from family members that were thinking about me, and they are ones who don't normally call. I even had a busy day with many people coming and going to pick up their produce. So in addition to all the produce visitors I had those other visits and phone calls. I can't help but count my blessings and feel the Saviors love as He truly knows our pains and afflictions. He knows our wants, needs, and desires. I have truly felt His love today through those visits and phone calls. I have had many people tell me they weren't sure if they should call or come by because they didn't want to impose. My advice to them all has been, if you feel like you want to do something nice for someone just do it. How can expressing love to someone and serving someone ever be an imposition on another? I just don't see how anyone could ever be offended when another person is trying to show love and support. So I thank those of you who chose to come visit and call today and every day since Easton died. I know sometimes Gods love is shown through the works of men here on earth. I hope I can, in some small way, be an instrument in the Lords hand for others as well as many of you have been for me!

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