Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lasting Scars

Above the scratch you will find a scar. As I was feeding Beckett and looking at his sweet face, I saw this scar. It is one I hope will NEVER fade! This scar is from the day after he was born. Beckett wasn't in the car longer than a minute ...when Easton had loved on him a little too rough as they sat in their car seat next to each other. Easton loves his little brother and was always wanting to hold, snuggle, or play with Beckett. As Beckett grows up I am sure this scar will fade and get smaller, but I hope he will always remember the love of Easton in his heart. That love scar in our hearts will never fade but instead remind us how to love and give us hope and strength to be good enough to join Easton in our Father's presence.

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