Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beckett's first words

After having 6 children, I love figuring out the first words of each child.  Cameron was quack, quack.  McKenzie, Zackery, and Briar was dada.  Easton was mama.  Beckett's first word was out of the ordinary, but perfectly fitting.  He said "num, nums" first.  It is Beckett's second word that brings me tears of joy and love.

Almost daily I will look at pictures of Easton around the house or on my cell phone wall.  Often times Beckett will see the picture on my phone screen and start kicking his legs excitedly as he tries to kiss and talk to Easton's picture.  But, on this particular day, I was standing in Easton's bedroom just staring at his crib.  Above his crib Nathan hung two canvas pictures of Easton and McKenzie.  As I was staring off at the pictures I heard Beckett chattering to his brother's picture as usual, but in the chatter, I heard Easton's name.   At first I thought I was imagining it.  So, I got my phone out and put Easton's picture right in front of him.  I said, "Easton," as I showed Beckett the picture.  Immediately Beckett said,"Easton."  We repeated his name together several times.  It was so exciting for me!  I didn't tell anyone except Nathan, so that night we did the same thing in Easton's room.  Nathan was able to hear Beckett say Easton's name. 

About a week later, I went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Whipple.  After being over there for a little bit, I remembered I hadn't told them that Beckett can say Easton's name. So, I found my mother in law and told her.  She replied, "I know.  We just came in from Easton's garden and I heard him say Easton while we were out there."  She didn't even know that Beckett knew how to say his name, but was able to recognize that he said it while they were in a special place. 

I love that Heavenly Father constantly shows me tender mercies during this difficult time.  Some people may think it is sad that Beckett will never know Easton, since he was only 2 months old when Easton died.  But, I know that is not true.  I know Beckett already knows his brother.  I know he will be able to feel Easton's spirit and presence throughout his life as he tries to stay close to Heavenly Father.  I also know the same is true for me and the rest of our family.  I know that as I go throughout the rest of my life that if I lean on Heavenly Father and live my life in a way that keeps Him close to me, I will be able to feel close to Easton as well. 


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