Friday, November 29, 2013

Easton's Christmas Trees

We have truly felt so much love and support from around the world.  Ma Whipple had a wonderful idea to ask our friends, family, and acquaintances who want to join us in sending ornaments for Christmas trees that we placed at our house, the path toward the Garden of Easton, and at the cemetery.  We had such a wonderful response that next year, we will get bigger trees!  We also added a fourth tree and made an Easton tree at Ma and Pa Whipple's house.  We have ornaments from all over the country and world, even as far as Germany!  Our family had a great day preparing these trees, looking at every ornament, labeling who they were from, and placing them on the trees.  Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude as we have felt everyone's love toward us, helping us through the holidays.  We noticed that everyone put much thought and effort into the ornaments.   We hope to continue adding to the tree each year, so anyone is welcome to continue to participate with our family as you may desire.

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