Thursday, October 31, 2013

HALLOWEEN: Pin the MUSTACHE on the Beast

In our family, we traditionally participate in our church "Trunk or Treat."  Each year we gather in the parking lot to pass out candy from the trunk of our car, where some also set up games for children to play in order to "earn" their candy.  Last year our family did a fishing pond with the name of a candy flavor/brand on each fish to determine the type of candy the child would receive.  This year, Grandma Whipple decided to do pin the nose on the Jack-o-Lantern.  When she told me her idea, I immediately thought about pinning a mustache on a picture of Easton.  I thought that would be a lot of fun for the kids and a great way to have Easton with us.  We decided to have a life size poster made of Easton with a picture from last Halloween dressed in a vampire costume.  He loved his vampire teeth, which isn't typical for a child his age.  Not only would he wear them on Halloween, but we ended up with several pictures of him in his car seat with glow in the dark teeth as well.  I guess my little man just loved having things in him mouth! 

Last year I remember him enjoying one of the "scary" spider displays that one of our friends, the Willford's, had by their car.  The spider would shake then jump.  Easton would watch the spider move and anticipate when it was going to jump.  He would shake in his grandpa's arms and jump as the spider would jump, because it would "scare" him.  He would get so scared and say "scary" with his sweet and cute little voice.  Then, when papa would walk away after the spider would stop moving/vibrating, he would say, "gen, gen"
and ask Grandpa Whipple to take him back for more!!  I miss the adventure he had in life as I would watch him explore everything, even things that scared him for a moment.  He loved every thrill and every moment.

Beckett enjoying our bucket of candy

Although I missed Easton getting to play games and dress up, I truly enjoyed watching all the children play our game and seeing their reaction as they would see the poster of Easton.  When we looked at our family picture with the poster, it was so neat to see that Easton looked like he was right there with us.  Although we didn't get to dress Easton up and walk him around to trick or treat, I know he was there with us in spirit.  I can feel his presence often when he is noticeably missed from family traditions and special activities.  I miss him all the time, but I know he is aware that some days are harder than others and in those harder moments I feel him watching over me.


My mom was also very kind to make all my kids a trick or treat bag with a mustache theme.  Each child has a mustache and phrase about their candy "stache".   Each year we use these bags will be a reminder to us all that Easton is with us.  It is just a fun symbol to remind us that the "stache" is with us.  


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