Thursday, November 28, 2013



Thanksgiving was a very fun time last year as our family went to Dallas to visit cousins.  We had a fun dance party with all the cousins.  We happened to catch Easton shaking his booty during the "Shake your Bum Bum" song.  It was a difficult day today, but I thought many of our loved ones may enjoy watching this fun video we caught of him last year.  I am so thankful for modern technology that allows us to capture priceless moments to cherish  forever.  As time continues on and I try to remember everything about Easton, many things fade.  I can't always hear his laugh in my mind.  I struggle to recall his voice so readily.  I know he had a sweet voice and the inflection always ending in a higher pitch with every word, but the exactness of it is fading.  I love being able to watch videos and see him so full of life.  I know his spirit is still living, but for now I don't know what all he is doing and what all that entails.  So, for now, it is fun to remember what his little body was doing while he was here with me for his short 22 months.  I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and one thing is being blessed with 6 beautiful children!  I'm thankful to be a mom.  I'm grateful to be Easton's mom.


  1. Love it ! I still watch video's of when my kids were babies - they are all adults over 30 now :)

  2. I love his little shoulder movements! What a sweet, sweet baby with awesome moves. :-)