Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beckett's love

This morning was a great morning, where I again felt my Heavenly Father's arms around me.  I took Beckett to the grocery store after we dropped the kids to school.  We went to the grocery store that is directly across from the cemetery where Easton's body lays to rest.  I decided we would stop on the way home to just enjoy a few moments remembering my sweet boy.  Beckett was excited to get out of the car at the cemetery when I asked if he wanted to visit Easton.  He kept smiling and saying "Easton" over and over.  We sat together on Easton's bench as we looked at all the pictures of Easton on his headstone.  Words can't describe the beauty we enjoyed this morning.  The sun was shining through the trees, birds were chirping and flying from tree to tree.  The weather was perfect temperature, and mosquitoes weren't eating us.  Beckett was saying Easton's name, over and over again.  It was a glorious morning as I enjoyed watching the joy on Beckett's face and the happiness in his voice as we enjoyed a few peaceful moments remembering Easton.  Beckett saw me getting teary eyed and he just nested into my shoulder and put his arms around me.  I know he could feel my love and pain.  Beckett knew I needed it! I know Beckett knows Easton.  Sometimes I wonder if Beckett and Easton see eachother and have conversations together often.  To some people that thought may be far fetched.  But I know and have a strong testimony that our loved ones who has gone before us can be near, especially at times when we need to feel them close.  I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father that allows us to find peace, feel His love, and recognize our blessings even when we are hurting or going through difficult times.  My heart aches for those who experience trials in their life without that knowledge.  I know how hard life can be even having faith and strength as I feel my Savior's love.  I couldn't imagine going through difficult things wihtout that faith and strength.  I know Beckett was sent to our family for a purpose, as were all of my children.  I am thankful for the morning we shared and the love I felt from my Father in Heaven through Beckett today.  It warmed my heart more than words can explain. 

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