Sunday, May 22, 2016

Too Long!

It has been way too long since I have posted.  I plan to write more about all different things, but for today I need to write about the last few weeks.  As our 3 year mark approaches I have reflected on the last few years.  I'm thankful for my journal and blog, because the first year is a blur.  The second year was a little better and time continues to help heal. Milestones, anniversaries, and trauma from the loss of other families often reopens that wound back to day one.  Those emotions and feelings are unforgettable.  My heart has been broken and I have cried several times for another family in our area who lost a child recently.  I have many times just wanted to go find the mom and hug her, even though we don't know eachother.  I have wanted to call.  But just as it was with our experience, I have NO IDEA what to say or what to do! There isn't anything people can say or do to take the pain away.  BUT, I do remember feeling the overwhelming love and support of family, church, friends, and community with phone calls, messages, notes, visits, packages mailed, meals, random door bell ditched goodies, and the list goes on.  We can't say or do much during these times, but we can do small simple acts of love that go a long way.  If you are ever at a loss of what to say or do, just do what you feel in your heart.  You have NO IDEA how small and simple those small acts go for the ones hurting so bad.

           I hope that I can continue to find strength daily to be the person God has intended me to be so I can be with my family forever. I hope I can pay forward ten fold the acts of love and kindness that helped lift me up during my darkest hour. It is a daily battle and I hope that at the end of each day I can rest knowing I have done all I can to help others, show love and kindness, compassion, and Christ like love to those around me, those who despise me, and especially to those who call me mom.

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