Saturday, August 10, 2013


Today our family had the opportunity to attend a benefit to raise money for a family that is very close friends of ours.  As I sat at the park and happend to have a moment alone, I got a little teary eyed.  It was a little out of no where, but immediately I recognized that I felt Easton's presence.  This family that we were there to support lost the grandfather/dad a few months before Easton, so they know grief all too well also.  When I told one of the family members my experience with crying and feeling Easton close, she commented that she felt both of them (her father and Easton) there as well, and could picture them in the crowd of people.  I am so thankful for those tender mercies when I am feeling sad missing Easton, but knowing the Lord is looking after me as I am able to recognize His hand in all things.

Tonight as we were saying our prayer for dinner, Zackery said a great prayer without any help or prompting from me or Nathan.  One of the things he said was, "Thank thee that we could help others when they are hurt."  There was a pause as he was saying that, because he couldn't remember the word "benefit".  The benefit was to raise money for the family, because they have no health insurance and the dad had back surgery after breaking his back. It made my heart melt to know that my child is thankful to serve and help others.  After he was done praying, Briar was quick to tell Zack that he forgot to pray about Easton.  I commented that Zackery could say another prayer and Briar said, "No, I will do it." Then he immediately started praying.  Briar's prayers have been awesome.  He says them with no help and he ALWAYS says he is thankful for, "Hevenwy Fadder, Jesus, and Beastie."   

Today was a good day.  The kids had fun playing with friends at the benefit, and I was able to enjoy some very special moments with the kids.  I am so thankful for the "benefits", also known as blessings, my family receives as we continue to try and heal.  I am thankful for the friends and family we have. Every email, phone call, text message, Facebook post, comment, prayer, little treats, card, package, etc, are all blessings and tender mercies that continue to lift us as we try to learn and grow from this difficult experience.

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