Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year

As 2013 came to a close and we start 2014, I had a dear friend ask me how I am doing.  My reply was that 2013 was a pretty tough year.  She said, "This year will be better."  As I thought about that conversation, I looked back at 2013 and thought, "yes on the surface losing Easton made 2013 become quite a rough year."  But, all in all, I realized that 2013 was a great year.  Even though it has been hard and words can't even begin to touch on the emotions I have, it has also been a very happy and rewarding year.  I have cried many tears over the loss of Easton. I can honestly say that if I were to count all the tears cried, that more of the tears turned from sorrow and longing to tears of joy, love, and peace. Don't get me wrong, I miss Easton and I cry tears of sorrow a lot, but amidst those sorrowful tears come tears of joy, love, peace, and comfort as I feel the Saviors love enfold me.  I have learned so much this past year from the trials we have faced.  I don't think, no I know, that Heavenly Father knew this was the only way for me to learn some of the things I have learned.  What are those things, you might ask?  To start, I have learned how to lean on the Savior stronger. I have learned a deeper understanding of the importance of DAILY scripture and prayer. I have learned to pray harder.  I have learned to trust deeper.  I have learned to stand stronger.  I have learned to walk by faith more readily.  I have learned more about the importance of priorities in life and this world vs. God and eternal consequences.  I have learned a deeper understanding of compassion and forgiveness towards others.  I have learned more patience and tolerance.  I still have lots of room for learning and improvement in all those aspects, but I recognize them more deeply.  I have also learned to blog!

So, despite having some pretty tough challenges in 2013, I am thankful for all the blessings and spiritual growth I have received.  I know this coming year will also bring unforeseen trials, but I hope that all the things I have learned from this past year will help me during the tough times ahead.  I know that if I continue to do my best to lean on the Savior, that the trials that I do face this coming year will also be a blessing in my life to help mold me into a better person and daughter of God.

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