Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Home Evening 6-10-13

Tonight for family night we watched Easton's video and had a lesson on feeling the love of others in our heart even when they aren't around. We reread the book,"The Invisible String." We had read it to the kids right before the viewing. Zackery remembered the string tugging on the heart when you want to feel someone you love. He had been up late Sunday night missing Beastie. He likes to stare at Easton's pictures at night and he usually cries. He told Nathan he could feel Easton tugging his invisible string to his heart. It was a sweet moment to know Zackery understands being able to feel Easton's love even though we can't see him. It was a great night as we had our lesson in "The Garden of Easton" where we made a little memorial and special sacred place to reflect on what Easton has taught us and take time to just ponder his life and memories. Thank you Sydney Hilton Whipple and Doug Whipple for helping so much to create such a peaceful place to go and enjoy our memories of our sweet Beastie.

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