Friday, May 31, 2013

Daddy's thoughts after the funeral 5-31-13

Today, as we laid our Easton "The Beast" to rest with his Father in Heaven, we felt the loving arms of Our Heavenly Father around us. How very blessed we felt to have so many dear friends and family gathered around us to celebrate his life and his new journey. What a blessed family we are to have had this perfect child sent to us. We know that we will be with our"Beastie"again, but until that time... we will strive to live our lives in a way that will allow our family to be eternal. Easton had a special light in his eyes and a special smile that could light up the world. If you were blessed enough to have been touched by him we pray that his example will shine through each of you. This is his legacy. This is his mission, what he was sent here to do. Mission accomplished Beast. I love you and am thankful every minute for you. I can't wait to"hold you" again.

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